How To Measure Your Room


• Use a pencil to sketch out the existing layout [don't worry about scale] and be sure to include the locations of all windows, doors, and closets.


• Use a tape measure to measure each wall, corner to corner. record the sizes and locations of all openings and built-ins and windows [doorways, pass-throughs, built-in bookcases, etc].


•Now measure each wall in detail: start at one corner of the room, measure the distance from the corner to the outside edge of the window casing, from there to the opposite edge of the window casing, from there to the edge of a built-in cabinet, and so on to the opposite . Make sure to add where power outlets are located. And also make sure to note what side doors swing open (I will have to leave that space open).


Other Helpful Information:


• Ceiling height for each room


• Location of all power outlets


• Height of windows and doors


• Location of windows on each wall


• Location of any wall sconce or ceiling lights ( both location on the ceiling/wall and how tall they are from the floor).


* If you would like a television in the space please note where your cable outlet is located.





• Take a handful of digital photos of the room. be sure to include photos of the locations of windows and doors/doorways. Panoramic are welcome.  Try to step back as far as possible. Please include every angle of the room. (Pictures of the room bare are the most helpful in a 3D online design). If you can not photograph the room empty then please remove clutter, small objects etc. from the room before photographing.  Example. Paint cans on the floor, or toys on the floor. Food, small clutter on kitchen counter, etc...)


• Try to include a shot of the outside of your home or apartment building or any other rooms/area of your home that you would like your new space to coordinate with.


• Take photos of any existing furniture, accessories or artwork that you really would like us to include in the design.