From nursery to "little boys" room

About a year ago a few months before our daughter was born we decided to turn our son's nursery into a "little boys" room! He wasn't ready for a "big boy " room but he was outgrowing his nursery and crib! Even with the crib set up as a toddler bed he still seemed uncomfortable . It was time for a full size bed but he wasn't necessarly ready for the traditional big boy room decor.  He still loved his teddy bears and wasn't really into sports yet. And I certainly wasn't ready to part with his nursery! No other room could ever carry as much sentimental value as a nursery ! The room you create waiting and dreaming about your baby and the room that you bring your newborn home to. The room you rock your baby to sleep in, change them in .....and then all of a sudden in the blink of an eye they are not a baby ! How can it go so fast ?!?! So fast that I didn't want to rush it even faster.....I didn't want to force him into a navy blue sports themed big boy room when he still wants to cuddle with his teddy bears ! I love the way it turned out! It is so fitting for the stage that he is right now! He is big but still little! He was so proud of his "big boy bed" and showed everyone that came over to visit his sister-to -be's nursery and his new room!

Here is a picture of his sweet baby blue nursery before:

Changing from nursery to a toddler room was so easy ! All we needed to do was re-arrange his furniture to fit a full sized bed . Next we picked out complimentary bed linens. I wanted them to match the colors of the room but not be too babyish . I decided on a baby blue, white and beige gray stripe that matched the colors of the nursery perfectly but the stripe helped to make it a little bit more mature! 

Finally we made sure the full sized bed was low to the ground so he could easily get in and out of bed on his own! We did this by not using a box spring . Instead we used what the mattress professionals call a "bunkie board". We had a piece of inexpensive ply wood cut to the size of the frame at our local Home Depot! We kept all his decor in the room the same!

Here is the finished big boy bed" and toddler room an "almost big big room"! 

Little by little I have noticed more and more "big boy " signs creeping into his room! He now has a shelf for all his cool guy hats! I will often find a baseball or football on his bedside table or library books about outerspace !

 It's been a year since he has had his "big boy bed" and he is now 3 1/2 years old! He's growing up , and even starts his first soccer team in two weeks! Yikes!! It's almost time to start incorporating big boy decor in his room. More on those changes coming soon! Until then I'm going to enjoy my "little boy "and his "little boys" room a "little" longer. :)