Nursery to Big Girl Room

With mixed emotions we bought our 2 year old daughter a big girl bed. She was ready... her mom was not.  It feels like yesterday we were setting up her nursery and waiting for her arrival.  When designing her nursery I wanted to create a space that would grow with her. All I had to do was buy a headboard and bedding and her room was instantly transformed to her "big girl room".  Not only easy , but it also helped me with the transition. Her room still looked the same and that was comforting to a mom who is not ready to part with a room that has such strong sentimental meaning. 

Before Pictures of her nursery 

After pictuers of her BIG GIRL ROOM! 


Can you tell she is obsessed with her ballet class! :) 

Below is a shopping list for her big girl room.  The bedding and headboard for her big girl bed are seen below. Some items are alternatives due to the fact that the those items are not longer available since creating her nursery 2 years ago. The Serena and Lily fabric for the bumpers and pillows are no longer available.  My father made the wooden rocking horse, and all of the wooden furniture was found at antique shops and used furniture stores and painted white. 

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Design for Less| Wayfair Wednesday!

I am a day late for my wayfair wednesday.... my little guy has pneumonia so I have been in Mom mode overdrive!   

I wanted to share a few Design for Less looks from Wayfair that I found while working on my latest Online Design .  Part of my job is helping my clients get the designer look they want within their budget. I also am a budget hunter for my own home.  I have never decorated a room in my home for more that $3,000.  I think most of us have a budget . 

Click the picture for shopping links. 

$$ Restoration Hardware                                                                 $Wayfair 

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$$$ Restoration Hardware                                                                                                                         $ Wayfair 

$$$  Pottery Barn                                                                                                                                   $Wayfair 

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$$  Safavieh Side Table                                                                                               $  Alcott Hill Side table

$$ One Kings Lane Rug                                                                                                       $ Wayfair Rug


Can you tell the difference? Why pay more?


Hope Everyone has a great rest of the work week!  These peonies just arrived for me to photograph my daughters "big girl room" ! Until then they are making my kitchen very pretty! Peonies are our wedding flower so they bring back such wonderful memories and feelings !  Can't wait to show you her new room soon! 




Hope Everyone has a great rest of the work week!  These peonies just arrived for me to photograph my daughters "big girl room" ! Until then they are making my kitchen very pretty! Peonies are our wedding flower so they bring back such wonderful memories and feelings !  Can't wait to show you her new room soon! 




Sweet little Girls Room | First Draft

I often wait until the end of a project to share it on my blog or my Instagram account. However this project is so special to me that I wanted to share the progress start to finish. My newest In-Person Design client and new dear friend hired me to create a room for her little girl.   Her little girl has cerebral Palsy and they are changing their first floor office into her bedroom. Her current bedroom is on the second floor and she is getting to big to carry up and down the stairs.  In addition, my client and friend is expecting her fourth daughter in July. They will need the extra bedroom upstairs for a new nursery.

One request from the family was to use a daybed instead of a regular bed, with the idea that they will only need to add a guard on one side of the bed with the other two already in place.  

I created a custom daybed design with a headboard in the back. I wanted her to have a special "big girl bed" despite it being a daybed. I love big fabric headboards for little girls rooms. I wanted her to have the same despite it being a daybed. I never saw a design like this before but imagined it and searched for someone that  could make it!  I was so happy to find a company that could! 

Here is the first draft I presented to the family: 

The wingback love seat is a sleeper sofa. So if a parent or care taker need to stay overnight they can sleep comfortably nearby in her room.  

I chose a pink and gold theme to grow with her. I did not want the room to be too "little girl" and they would have to re-do it in a few years. 

I found a wonderful company on Etsy who can create my custom design for the daybed.  The company is called Liven up Design.  You can find them also on Instagram @livenupdesign .  They can also make beautiful custom benches/ottomans as seen in front of the love seat and window below. 

This is only the first draft and some starting ideas.  I am sure we will make some changes and revisions to fit the families needs.  I will continue to update the changes and progress of this project. I am so happy to be a part of it!  


If you are interested in a 3D online design : Read more about the process HERE. 

Questions about the 3D online design process? Ask Me Here

Sitting Room E-Design

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! We have been so busy! Can you believe its almost August? Its definetly flying by way too quickly!  I wanted to share my current e-design project. I just emailed a few different storyboard options to my client. This is a formal sitting room, the very first room that visitors see when they enter the house.  I can't wait to here her feedback.  I am always happy to keep creating storyboards until my client is 100 percent happy with their room.  This is a budget friendly room as well.. I made sure to find each piece at the lowest possible price without neglecting style. Which option would you choose?

If you are interested in me helping you decorate a space, feel free to email me at or purchase here. I would love to help!  


Summer Sale!

Hello to all my new visitors!  Would you like help designing a space? Would you like to see it put together in your home in 3D before you make your purchases? I can help! Use code "Summer50" to receive $50 off for a limited time on a 3D E-design.  And be sure to check out my summer home tour in previous post! Happy "Almost" Summer! Read more Here  - Kelly 

Gold and White Guest Bedroom

I'm getting our guest bedroom ready for my "oldest" friend! Our mothers were best friends and we therefore have been friends since birth! She's coming to spend the weekend and since we moved ten hours from home I have had very little time with friends! It will be much needed girl time!!! 

 I'm not quite finished decorating the room but it is coming together. I found the two Euro pillows at Target and knew they would go perfectly with Caitlin Wolsons gold Flower pillow in the center . I used our old ikea bedside tables which were too small in scale for our new masterbedroom. 
I will just need to pick up some pink flowers before the weekend to add the last finishing touch....and it will be all ready for her. I can't wait ! Hope everyone has wonderful plans this weekend too! 
Xo, Kelly