Sunday Brands I Love | Todays Brand OOMPH

Happy Sunday! We call Sunday " Family Fun Day" at our home! We are spending our day at the lake beach down in our community ! I'm so excited warmer weather is finally here! 

 This Sunday "Brands I love" is a company called OOMPH based out of  Connecticut. They specialize in the most elegant beach furniture and decor and their pieces are beautiful and unique. 

oomph. It's all in the definition — personal charm, magnetism, glamour, punch and vitality. Your favorite people have it ... but what about your home?

Lounging on a beach in the Bahamas, with cocktails in hand, oomph founders Amy Rice, Patty Hopple and Louise Brooks came up with the notion that three simple elements of great design can totally transform any room. In other words, custom-made tables and chairs, unique lighting, and beautiful pillows can add ‘oomph’ to any nest. Entirely made in the U.S.A., oomph brings you a witty collection of home décor including, chic coffee tables, comfy chairs, striking, modern pillows, lighting and much more. Whether your style is trendy or traditional, there is always room for a little oomph! And who doesn't need a little more of that?

I was excited to see that OOMPH Tini tables are now on sale at One Kings Lane

Here are a few of my favorites!  Wouldn't the pale pink one be gorgeous in a little girls room or nursery? 

Shop These Beauties HeRE ! 



Hope everyone has a wonderful SUNDAY !  We had a wonderful family day! 




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Hydrangea's straight from our garden!

I love fresh flowers around the house so much that the house feels bare or unfinished if we don't have any! That's why I love picking flowers from our garden! We also have at least one Orchid blooming in our home at a time! Sometimes more. Orchids are great because the blooms can last for up to three months! And if the plant is taken care of properly it will bloom yearly and twice a year if you are really lucky or if you take extra good care of it! Today I woke up and sadly all the flowers had fallen off my most recent white orchid. So I went out to the garden and picked these beautiful hydrengeas ! My husband always makes fun of me and says: " Everytime you get new flowers you take pictures of the house"! I guess he's right! Haha