It's starting to look a lot like Christmas!

We are Decking the halls around here.... We'll me and my two little helpers while my husband is away on business! He will come home to a winter wonderland ! ;) My almost 4 year old son is so excited to see our new house filled with Christmas decorations! He keeps calling it the Christmas house! Last weekend we all went as a family to the tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree! My mother in law was visiting for Thanksgiving so she came along ... It was a fun family adventure! Here are the few decorations we have up so far ! I will post more soon! 

I ran out of lights! Back to homedepot tomorrow for more!!!!! 

I would love to move the TV off the mantel and put a pretty mirror up but sometimes you have to let your husband win a battle or two! But I'm still working on winning this one! 

Yesterday was 74 degrees and SUNY on December 1st! How Amazing! This new englander can really get use to this weather! My daughter and I went shopping for Christmas decorations with no coats ! 

Can't wait to blog hop and see everyone else's holiday decor! Leave your site below I would love to see your too! 
XO, Kelly 

Happy Thanksgiving Morning!

We are all ready and so excited! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I had so much fun decorating the table this year! I used real pumpkins, spray painted them a glittery gold and added flowers to the biggest one as a centerpiece! 
The centerpiece was super easy to make! 

I cut the opening at the Roland took out the insides of the pumpkin! Next I  spray painted the pumpkin. When it was dry I placed a small bowl of water in the center of the pumpkin and gel it in place by using paper towels all around it or support. Next I made a grid with bamboo sticks, to hold the flowers nearly in place. Finally I arranged the flowers with tallest and wisest flowers in the center and then worked my way out to the sides! So simple! 

I also made a fun breakfast table for my kids to eat their muffins, watch the parade, color and write what they are thankful for! I found this fun tablecloth at Target! My son was so surprised ! Ed having fun with it as I finish writing this post! ;) 

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! We certainly have so much to be thankful for! Especially these two little ones! It's amazing to think that my daughter wasn't even born yet last thanksgiving!!!! What a blessed year we have had! Looking forward to many more!!!