Option 3: Pale blue, grey and white Master Bedroom and Bath

If you have been following along with my current online interior design project, I am excited to share with you the third and final  option that my client approved.  When working with me as your online interior designer I never mind making a few different options and storyboards until we get it perfect for you.  I actually made 10 designs for my sons nursery until I decided on one. I think I was my own most indecisive client...so I certainly understand the process and how important it is to tweak the design until it feels "just right"!

 The first option (seen here) was a little too traditional for my client. The second design (seen here)  was a little too neutral and she felt the head board was "too fancy". She requested a "pop" of color, a chest for her television, and new lamps.   I listened to her feedback and came up with this third design.  We have also been working on her master bathroom. We decided on touches of blue. I wanted to coordinate her master bedroom with her master bath so the "pop" of color I chose was the same soft and soothing blue. I added the grey paint that has a touch of blue, and art work that has the blue, grey and beige to pull it all together. I love the grey and blue pillow combinations. 

The third design was a success! She loved the design and I am now busy putting together her furniture layout guide and shopping page . I am excited to offer clinets their own private shopping page where they can purchase items right from my website. Its easy, convenient and I will be there to help if an item arrives damaged or needs to be returned for any reason. 

 The greatest aspect of the 3D design is that she can feel confident when purchasing that she will like the end result.  We are also working on her Master Bathroom together. I will be sending her tile samples in the mail to help her with the process. (See bathroom design at the end of this post). 

Beautiful white , silver and pale blue patterned sheets will add more visual interest and help tie the grey, blue and white color scheme together.  *** One tip ....When making a bed with patterned sheets place the flat sheet on the bed upside down, that way when you fold the sheet over the duvet comforter you will be able to see the pattern. 

We will be continuing the pale blue and grey colors into her master bedroom. This is our first draft Master bathroom storyboard. We still have a few adjustments to make. We conitnied the same paint color into the bathroom.  I am suggesting inexpensive faux marble tiles for the bathroom floor and pale blue glass hexagon tiles as accents. 

I am excited for her and can't wait to see the after pictures! If she gives me permission I will certainly share the pictures with you all! 

Hope all the mothers had a wonderful mothers day yesterday!