HI Everyone! Happy Wednesday! The weekend is not so far away now! 

Yesterday's post I shared Option 1 for my current 3D online design client. Although she stated the room was beautiful it was not for her. So back to the drawing board! When you hire me to do an online interior design I will make sure you are 100% in love with your new space and that it reflects you and your personality. (Other e-designers will only let you choose a few small changes to the design or 1 revision- I will keep working on your room until you are 100% in love with your new space. )

 I studied her inspirational pictures again and noticed 1/2 or more of them were neutral. ( see some of the inspirational pictures she sent me that I used as the new inspiration at the end of the post). In addition, I noticed a repetitive them of "glam" with mirrored side tables and chandeliers.  I found a new directions and off I went.... a new design was available to her in less than 24 hours. Here is option #2. 

I absolutely love neutral bedrooms. Nothing is more peaceful after a long day than a neutral bedroom. They also do not need to be boring. By mixing patterns , fabrics and materials there is still enough visual interest in the room.  This is actually a design that I would probably make for myself. Its always easier to design a room when your client has similar style to yourself. She has great style. she stated she just would like help pulling it all together. 

Headboard option 2- more budget friendly and more neutral. 

Here are a few of the inspirational pictures that she sent me that I used to help design this option for her.

She stated she loved the new design. I am sure we have some tweaking and small changes to make ... I will keep you updated on the progress. 

What design would you decide on? Option 2 or Option 1 shared on the blog yesterday?  Neutral rooms are my favorite... I'm with her and would chose option 2 but my husband said Option 1 so I guess I am glad I am the designer and  not the client in this situation :) . 

Hope everyone has a great end of the work week! 

xo, Kelly 

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