Peaceful Pale Blue and Grey Master Bedroom - 3D Online Design

My most recent 3D online design is looking for help designing her Master Bedroom and Bathroom after a flood in her home. She is currently living in a hotel with her family.  I was so happy to help her and hopefully bring a little light at the end of a stressful situation with a beautiful bedroom retreat to go home to! 

Below is the first draft 3D story board that I just completed. The original estimated budget was $5,000. However after speaking to her insurance adjuster the budget changed to $3,000. No big deal... I love to hunt for bargains and "copy cat" items. Below is the $5,000 dollar room. I was surprised to able to find almost identical "copy cat" items . I think the budget friendly room may even look nicer than the original.  (See the new budget friendly room below )! 

Close up of $5,000 dollar room pillows 

Close up of $5,000 room chair , bench and side table 

And here is the look-a-like room for $3,000 ! 

2016-05-02 08.31.33 am.png

New budget friendly chair , matching bench and gold side table 

Slightly smaller dresser- excellent price and great reviews. 

When purchasing discount or budget friendly furniture it is essential to read reviews. Many times items are on clearance or sale because they are poorly made, hard to put together or have defects. If the item has good reviews that is a good sign. It is also important to order from a company that has a good return policy and customer service. Therefore if you receive the item and you have issues, you know they will stand by their product. 

New discounted bedding. Beautiful white sheets with pale blue accent. We added two of the pale blue lattice pillows to the bed instead of the expensive custom pillows. 

This discounted linen look headboard with white bedskirt will be used instead of the pricy linen bed shown in the story board. Also had great reviews and you cant beat the price. 

If you have to save money in a bedroom I recommend doing so with the headboard instead of the dressers/ side tables ect. This is because you need the dressers to be functional. You will be using them daily. Some cheaper dresser the drawers will begin to fall apart or the paint will start to chip. The headboard on the other hand is basically for looks only. It will not have the wear and tear that other furniture pieces will have.  They aslo have so many affordable options that look more expensive! 

Here are the items that remained the same in both the higher priced and budget friendly rooms 

She loves marble ... so I know we will incorporate marble into her master bathroom and therefore I added a few touches of Marble and gold to her room . I  personally own those jewelry cases and they are functional and beautiful! 

Same lamps in both storyboards - these were already a great price and so stunning!!! 

Same lamps in both storyboards - these were already a great price and so stunning!!! 

One of my favorite finds of the room. This mirror is surprisingly affordable! Isn't it gorgeous! What a statement it will make!!!! 

Same white bamboo mirror over the bed in both storyboards 

Love these jewelry cases. I actually own them in my own home. They are functional and not just beautiful ! 

I am excited to hear her feedback and see how we can customize this draft to make it perfect for her! What are your thoughts? I will be sure to show the completed online design when we are finished. I think I would love to have this master bedroom. It kinda makes me what to re-design my own! I love to show that you can still have style on a budget! 

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