"Little Gentleman Nursery"

The most challenging client I have ever worked with is by far myself. Design after design I can not make a decision about my baby boy "to be's" nursery. This is my third baby. My first two I knew instantly how I wanted to decorate their rooms. No second guessing.  You would think my third nursery would be a piece of cake.  I couldnt have been more wrong!

My first baby was also a boy. I decorated his nursery in the traditional and sweet baby blue. It was peaceful and adorable. However, he is now five years old and his room is still baby blue with white furniture. (Next project is a big boy room for him).  I learned from this mistake and decorated my daughters nursery able to grow with her.  We just changed her crib to a big girl bed, and added bedding and she had an instant"big girl room". 

My goal for this baby was the same as my daughters room..... a room that would easily grow with him.  I therefore chose neutral colors, a darker gray furniture( instead of the traditional white for a baby). 

The inspiration for this room was to use all the traditional masculine fabrics such as plaid, pinstripe, herringbone, checks, and houndstooth. I added in some wood accents to balance out the room such as the wood and metal "school chair", wood and metal side table and wooden rocking horse. 

The crib I found was RH baby and Child inspired but without the heavy price tag. It also turns into a full size bed. The only thing we will need to purchase is bedding when he is bigger for his "big boy room".

I decided against a rocker or a glider. I hardly used the rocking chair in either of my babies nurseries.  I nursed my babies in my bed and co-slept. Co-Sleeping was one of those things that I swore I would never do "pre-motherhood". Its amazing how natural instant, extreme exhaustion, and the extreme bond you instantly feel make your parenting decisions and everything you thought you would do pre-pregnancy goes out the window! 

I found a great deal with this black and white houndstooth chair on clearance in the outlet section of Home Decorators. My hope is that it will last much longer in his room than a rocker or glider. It will also work for reading stories during his toddler years. 

I was designing this room on a budget and did not want to either spend a huge portion of the budget on a glider that he would only use briefly , nor did I want to  buy a budget friendly microfiber glider that would fall apart and not look so nice in his room.  

If you are going to invest in a glider or rocker a great alternative is buying a rocking chair that converts to a regular chair when you are done. I bought a beautiful white Pottery Barn converting rocking chair with replacement legs. It transforms into a beautiful white chair that I can use in her room, or elsewhere in my home when we no longer need the rockers. It made spending the money more logical since you will most likely only use the rocker for the first year or so. Pottery Barn has many more converting rockers now in many styles then they did five years ago when I purchased.  When you are done rocking your newborn you will have a beautiful chair that will then be worth the money that you will spend. 

I can't wait to show you the grand reveal when its completed!

Crib|  Dresser|  Rug | Side Table |Lets Cuddle Pillow|  

- Rocking Horse,, School Chair, Storage bench, Shelf w/hooks, Name lettters,diaper basket,  and Hamper | RH Baby and Child