"The Girl Behind The Instagram " Series : (HomeObsession101 )Erica B.

I have been meaning to start a series of interviews called "The girl behind the Instagram " for some time... months actually. I asked Erica from Homeobsession101 to be my first interview last fall but I had to put it on hold when my husband was suddenly asked to take a job out of state and we moved only two weeks later! Talk about a whirlwind! Our entire life was turned around in a flash (a blessing but a whirlwind nonetheless ).  So needless to say my interview with Erica was sadly pushed back. But what better weekend to publish this post than Ventines Weekend ... Why you ask? .... Becuause if you are following Erica (Homeobsession101) already on Instagram you would know how adorable her and her boyfriend are together! 

See! Aren't they the sweetest!!!! 

Erica posts home decor inspiration that is gorgeous and inspiring but what holds her apart from the hundreds of other similar accounts is how her personality shines through! She is funny, quick witted , beautiful and super sweet !

She shares tidbits of herself, her job , her home ,her boyfriend and her adorable dog. She makes you feel like you are an old friend going shopping with her which is probably why she has over 11k followers!!! So without further adieu here is my very first "The girl behind the Instagram "  interview !  

Why did you start your Homeobsession101 Instagram account? 

I started my Homeobsession101 Instagram account because I was looking at pictures on my phone one day and I thought- Dang, I’ve got a lot of pictures of home decor. I figured, I’ll start an instagram!

Did you ever imagine Himeobsession101 would be so successful? And what do your friends and family think?

 I never could have dreamt the amount of followers I have. I still can’t believe I have over 11k followers. It’s so cool! I feel so blessed. It’s something I’m just passionate about and I love getting to share it with my Instagram friends :) My boyfriend thinks it’s great! And he actually listens to me now when it comes to decor. He always says, “Well, you ARE the one with over ten thousand followers!” And I just think, Mmm Hmm!! My family loves it. My mom is a huge fan of home decor. She’s definitely my Homegoods partner-in-crime!

What do you think holds you apart from the other similar design inspiration accounts on Instagram? 

 I think my Instagram is different that other home decor accounts because, I mix pictures I found on Pinterest with my own pics, but I think that’s what makes it unique. I like to use Pinterest pictures as my inspiration. I see inspiration everywhere I go. Whether it’s at a store, a model home, someones home, or just my own ideas!

What is your personal interior design style? 

I would describe my personal interior style as classic yet trendy. I like to mix lots of shops together. For instance, Z Gallerie & Pottery Barn. Those two stores are my biggest inspirations.

What would your dream home look like? 

My dream home!? Oh man, where do I begin? My biggest MUST, is that it’s comfortable. I want everyone to feel at home in my home. My dream home would have plenty of space. I would love a spacious master suite with a sitting area and mini fridge (filled with wine) and I’d love a little coffee nook for my mornings— MUST HAVE A VIEW! I want my children’s rooms to reflect their personalities & passions. I would like two guest rooms that would feel like their in a hotel— who doesn’t love staying in a nice hotel?? I want my love to have his own office full of airplane memorabilia and awesome photography (two of his favorite things!) And who wouldn’t want an entertainers backyard!? Ya’ll are welcome anytime ;)

Can you share share some things we don't already know about you? 

I was born in raised in the talked about Orange County. I wouldn’t change it for the world! It’s gorgeous all year round, even though we really don’t get seasons. I have an incredible boyfriend (soon-to-be fiancee… I think!) I fell in love with him in college. He is my rock. My family are the best people I know. I am a momma’s girl and a daddy’s girl! I work for my DREAM COMPANY- Drybar. I work at their corporate office. It’s literally a dream come true. If you don’t know what Drybar is, you should! ;) We’re a blow out bar…No color. No cuts. Just blowouts. Its not just a service, it changes peoples lives. You must go!

Have you ever considered starting a Homeobsession101 blog? 

I would LOVE to have a Homeobsession101 blog. I’ve just been so busy! I am planning on starting one in the new year :) 

Can you share a few interior design tips? 

My interior design tips: 

1)If you’re at the store & you find some you love- reevaluate a few times. When I’m shopping for home decor, I stage how it would look in my home. For instance, if i find pillows I love- I find a couch and start going to town! The reason I take so long at Homegoods is because I am reevaluating everything in my cart (and I usually decide I HAVE TO HAVE IT!) Homegoods is great though, if you decide it’s not the right fit for you after buying, you can return within 30 days and if after 30 days, you’ll get a store credit.

2) Another tip- Candles! Candles really set the tone for any room. I like scented ones, but I truly love unscented ones too. The unscented ones provide the beautiful light, but not the smell, which is great for dinner parties and anyone who is scent sensitive. 

3) I am a huge fan of photo albums. With social media, so many people just use online photo album sources. I love having a photo album close by, it’s definitely a conversation starter.

4) A clean home is a must! Doesn’t have to be tidy all the time, obviously that’s not realistic. But keep it clean! I’ve recently hired a cleaner and it’s life changing. I have them come once a month and I clean up when they don’t come. But for health and safety sake— clean!

5) Pillows change EVERYTHING!

Have you ever considered becoming an interior designer? 

I used to have a desire for becoming an interior decorator, but I’m just having fun decorating my home for now! I have helped a few of my friends, which is a blast! I’ve also been asked by friends friends, so that’s definitely in the making.

Finally what are your favorite stores to shop? 

 My favorite stores: Homegoods, ZGallerie, Target, Joss & Main, Primitives by Kathy, Nordstrom, and Ikea!

See isn't she so amazing!!! I love her and If you are not following her already .... I'm sure you will love following her as much as I do ! For those of you who already are followers I hope you were able to learn a little more about her today!

Thank you Erica for sharing! And thank you for being my very first interview in  "The Girl behind the Instagram" series. I hope you and your boyfriend have the most wonderful valentines day! 💗❤️💗

If you have a home decor Instagram account and would like to be featured next email me at Peacefulhomedecor@yahoo.com . 

Happy Valentines Weekend my friends!!!