Sneak Peak at the two new family room chairs!

Yesterday was a quiet family day at our house. It was chilly outside for the first day so my husband made beef stew, played outside with my son and he put two more ikea chairs together for us! Superdad and husband! I still have to iron the slipcovers but besides from the wrinkles they look great and they are super comfy! I'm happy with the scale. It's a large room so these large chairs help fill up some space. They didn't seem to hard to put together , but then again my husband has has a lot of practice lately! I paired the chairs with beautiful fog colored serena and lily pillows. I love mixing inexpensive items ( ikea furniture) with more expensive splurges. The pillows and soon to come ottoman were my splurges! I love that the new chairs are slipcovers that I can wash if they ( or should I say when they) get dirty. They would also be inexpensive to buy replacement covers if they accidentally get a stain that can not be removed. That was certainly a selling point as a mother to young kids!