Happy Problem!

My mother use to always say "that's a happy problem" to remind her kids to count their blessings. Today I have a big "happy problem" . Any girl would love a huge masterbedroom. My new bedroom is spacious with a huge sitting area . The sitting area is almost as large as our previous bedroom!!!  
Im thankful for such a beautiful room but also a little stuck with what to do with it ! Designing larger spaces is not something I  am use to! And my husband is not thrilled about buying even more furniture! Lol .....Do any design friends have suggestions? Particularly budget friendly suggestions? I normally would go used furniture hunting with my Dad but sadly he and his trusty truck are 10 hours away! (Tear)! Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated! We also still need to hang the curtains, mirrors and pictures! Little by little! ;) 

Xo, Kelly