Updated Get to Know Me !

Hi There! 

Thanks for stopping by! So happy to have you!  To be short and sweet I am a wife, and mother to two beautiful children a prince and princess ! Although I have had this blog for a few years I recently started writing regularly after my daughter was born in December 2013 and I made the decision to leave my job as a child and family therapist to be home full time.  I am blessed to be with my children everyday and try hard not to take it for granted. This blog serves as a creative outlet for me in-between some of the non-glamorous aspects of mommy life (diapers, laundry dirty dishes)!  I have made so many friends writing this blog so far and I look forward to making more! I appreciate all comments and try to respond to each and every one!  I  love to post about decorating our home, DIY tutorials, stories and photos of our family life, along with photos and designers that inspire me. I love light, bright and monochromatic color schemes (as you can see in our home tour).  This monochromatic style has quickly become my signature and is unique to our home.  I do appreciate so many other styles and love to see how others decorate their home unique to fit their families.  Feel free to email me at Peacefulhomedecor@yahoo.com for questions, comments, or just to introduce yourself! I would love to get to know you ! :)

Thanks for reading!
xox- Kelly