How to create your dream nursery on a budget Series! Todays Topic:Furniture

Nursery furniture can be very expensive but it doesn't have to be! As seen in the first post of this series "How to create a dream nursery on a budget" we bought our crib at Wall-mart for only $169.00 and couldn't be happier with it!  The crib is the only piece of furniture that we bought from a retail store for her entire room! All the other furniture pieces including her mirror, lamp, dresser , side table, bookcase, and chalk board were found at an antique store, used furniture shop or tag sale (garage sale). We spent less than $300.00. Excluding the white potterybarn rocking chair which was reused from her older brothers nursery.

Here are a few before and after shots of the furniture we found. We painted all pieces the same bright white and added new hardware. So easy and affordable. 

The bench before was a light blue with silver pull hardware but with a little white paint, glass knobs (found at Home Depot) and a new cushion it became the perfect window seat.  We were so lucky to find this piece because it was the perfect hight and width to place right in fron of her window. It now adds extra seating and storage for her toys. 

The Dresser/changing table we also painted white and added new hardware using the same glass knobs as the window seat bench .

The chalk board we decided not to paint and leave rustc white . We used paint chalk that can only be removed with water to write the definition of our baby girls name on the board using a projector. ( tutorial on this coming soon ) . It was such a fun project and I love the final result! I actually passed this chalk board up the first trip to the antique shop but after being home for a half hour or so I called my Dad back up and said " We have to go back and get that chalk board "! He went a few days later on his lunch break and luckily it was still there! I have the best dad ever ! What a lucky find!
All this adorable side table and mirror needed was a little white paint !  They both have similar curves as the window seat bench and with the same color paint the three pieces all coordinate so nicely together. 

There's my dad's reflection working hard on the room! We have made such great memories ! He was so proud to help create his first granddaughters nursery ! One of the bennifits of DIY work besides just the financial benefit.

This cute rocking chair my Dad found at a tag sale for $5 !!!! It is so adorable ! A little white paint and a cushion and it's perfect !  

The bookcase just needed some sanding and repairs of holes in the front and again a coat of our trusty white paint! 

My father also found a very beat up lamp and lamp shade for 3 dollars at a tag sale. We spray painted the rusty colored lamp base white and bought an inexpensive lamp shade and covered it with left over fabric from her crib bumpers. I have seen lamp shades similar for over $200.00 retail and without the coordinating fabric! 
I wish I had a before picture for you but here is the end result of our lamp that cost under $3O including paint, shade and fabric! 

Last but not least , the vanity was another tag sale find by my father . He paid $10.00 for it. We just added a few coats of paint, changed the knob and added a cushion! 

So that is how we spent around $300.00 for all of baby Grace's furniture . We are hoping a lot of the pieces will grow with her and she will be able to have them for years to come. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next post in "How to design your dream nursery on a budget" with the next topic : bedding and textiles! 

Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!