6 Months in a flash!!

How could my sweet baby girl be six months already ! Seems like just yesterday we were getting her nursery ready!
I love to rock her to sleep, get her dressed and change her diaper in her nursery........ but the truth is ..... she has yet to sleep one night in there! She still sleeps beside our bed (and sometimes in it) and I'm in no rush to make the transition to her big girl crib! Even my husband says jokingly that she can stay with us until college ! Luckily I designed her room to grow with her, so hopefully she will still have years to enjoy it ... even with a late start ! For now it will be a beautiful changing room! She has blessed us in so many ways! Her sweet personality, calm demeanor, patience and infectious smile makes her just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!!!! We love her to pieces!!!! Happy six months to our princess!!!!