Shades of Green

I am loving the green in my living room for the winter .... however the room feels very unfinished to me! I would love to add two tall white bookcases on either side of the window, some tall beautiful lamps and a large beige area rug! More on those additions in a future post!  I also think I could go a step further with my green color scheme! I always loved the green living room by Sarah Richardson                 ( second picture below)! It looks sophisticated and colorful yet still almost a neutral at the same time! Traditional yet not boring! I think I could easily incorporate some of her color scheme into my decor! 
The variety of green in the couch pillows are so beautiful!  I tried to visualiZe what similar ones would look like on my couch with the collage below! 

Here is another collage of the color scheme . The main colors are white for the couch , beige for the drapes, and brown of the floors and two side chairs. The shades of greens are the new accent colors. The olive green is already in the room! 

I found this beautiful Ikat pillow on etsy that could easily tie many different green shades together! 
Here are some different pillow options! 
Finally because of my chocolate brown chairs I may add a chocolate brown pillow to toe them into the color scheme!