Easter Table Top Decor Inspiration

Growing up I had a strong dislike for Easter! Our house had a million little eggs and bunnies around ever corner and on the actual day we had to wake up so early and wear an easter dress. I still remember the uncomfortable feeling of my white tights falling to my knees with no way to hike them up in church! As an adult I love Easter. It is one of my favorite  holidays. I get to dress my son up for church and our entire family gets together! Easter is my grandfather's favorite holiday and it is always right around his birthday. He will be 94 this year! I cherish every Easter we have together.  I still however despise the cheesy bunny and egg decorations. This may be because one year my mother broke her leg and it took our family weeks to take them all down after the holiday! I still cringe when I see those plastic pastel egg baskets sold at every grocery store, target! :)  I stumbled upon this beautiful table top (above) on the Mark and Gram blog. Designer Courney Lake was featured in their daily addition for this week "Design your spring table". Isn't it spectacular!

Here are a few other beautiful Easter decor themed table tops! I am unsure of the sources.  Which one do you prefer best?