My cherished Christmas gift!

This was the second Christmas our family decided to do secret Santa! I had no idea who picked me and honestly didn't put too much tought into it. Christmas was no longer about material gifts and thus was the first Christmas my son 18 months could understand and be excited about Santa so it was All About Him!!!! It was my turn to unwraps gift and I could see my older sister getting more and more restless! She handed me a small gift ... As I was unwrapping it I thought this looks like a rug pad but why? Not letting myself think of the reasons/ possibilities. I remember hearing her say .... And you need a rug pad for this gift ... Pointing to a large warped cylinder gift that I have no idea how I didn't notice before!!! Exited to get any rug made me tearful because I have wanted a rug or two for my kit hen and living room forever .... Never imaging what I would be opening would not just be any rug but THE rug that I have wanted, loved, and stocked online for so long! Only a sister and only my sister would be able to know this! She is the only one to read this blog! That is how she knew! It was line she read my mind or my own private Christmas list that I didn't tell anyone! I cried , hugged her forever and jumped up and down !! It is now even more special now that she gave it to me! She is the greatest sister with the most giving heart who has always been there for me and can always read my mind!!!Here are a few pictures if my beautiful rug!