next project: finish living/dining room

I have been thinking about how I want to finish decorating my living room and dining room. I may do netural rugs and curtains so I can easily change the accent colors. 
Here is what my living room and dining room looks like now unfinished:

I would love to add this Madeline Wenrib rug in front of the couch: 

Here is a cheaper alternative from West Elm: 
And one more cheaper alternative from Pottery Barn, I actually like the slightly lighter mustard yellow on this rug but I prefer the other designs above. 

I also would LOVE to buy serena and lily maze fabric and make curtains for the sliding doors in my living room to add the yellow color to the living room: 

A cheaper alternative would be these from potterybarn however I think the color may be a little off: 

And finally a white rug under the dining room table to tie in the white cabinets in the kitchen and white couch in the living room. I am thinking of using Dash and Alberts indoor outdoor scurable and washable, high traffic rope rug in white!  So white its hard to see in this blog! lol 

and finally I may just chicken out..and do all natural rugs and curtains so I can change the accent color when ever I like...if I do that I love this medallion rug  from Martha Stewart for Safaveh (another pricey item)with peony madellions (our wedding flower).. it used to come in a beige and yellow but I cant seem to find it anywhere anymore! But I still love this rug.. its neutral but so beautiful , elegant and timeless. It would probably be the worth the expense unlike the yellow rugs because I am sure I could find a place to use it for years and years to come! 

here are my two favorite contenders... what do you think?