I heart Serna and Lily!

In my dreams my house would be decorated heavily with Serna and lily furniture and textiles! I love them.. who could not! I love all their fabrics.. especially the colorful ones! However, I have never been brave enough (or rich enough) to buy colorful accent furniture! Instead all of my investment furniture have been neutrals. When we first bought our house we bought our main living and dining furniture from Ethan Allen ! It was expensive but worth every penny! Because they were big ticket items we were conservative and choose whites, naturals and browns. This has worked for us because we can change the pillows, curtains and rugs as needed to transform our space. (see christmas to yellow cheer below). However, this does not stop me from fantasizing about having their luxurious furniture pieces in bright colors and dramatic patterns!
Look at all the fabric patterns to choose from for throw pillows, chairs, couches, ottams, any thing you can think of with so many color and pattern options! What a dream!

I love playing around on their website trying different patterns on different furniture peices! Wouldn't this ottoman with yellow maize spade fabric look amazing in my yellow living room?!?!

I would also love these light grey and silver pillows! Simple yet stunning!

I also love their prints on headboards. They add an extra special and unexpected touch!

And last but not least.. if I ever had a little girl I would LOVE to design her entire room around that gorgeous pink chair!